Choirs and Ministries

K. C.  Wilks Full Gospel Choir
The K. C. Wilks Full Gospel Choir is our premiere Contemporary choir, named for our Pastor, singing all past and current contemporary music selections.


The Inspirational Choir
The Inspirational Choir or “Sanctuary Choir” as they are more commonly known, is our more mature choir, singing all forms of Hymns both past and current.


The Combined Choir
The Combined Choir or “Mass Choir” as they are more commonly known, is comprised of any members that would like to lift their voice in song, singing contemporary, hymns, vocal and quartet style music, past and current.


The Vocal Choir
The Vocal Choir is our hand clapping, foot stopping choir singing all acapella music, past and current.


Male Chorus
The Male Chorus or “Men’s Choir” is our all male choir singing all quartet and contemporary style selects, past and current.


Young Peoples Choir
The Young Peoples Choir is our choir for children ranging in ages from 5-12 years old, singing all styles of music.

Sister 4 Sister (Women's Ministry)

Brother's In Christ (Men's Ministry)

Divine Vision Spiritual Dance Ministry

Senior Dance Ministry

Youth/Young Adult Fellowship

Young Adult Bible Class

Culinary Ministry

Christian Couples Ministry

Missionary Ministry

Courtesy Ministry

Ushers Ministry

Nurses Ministry

Security Ministry